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A set of forks designed for the Prospero frame and can be used with any 24 inch frame with a 1 1/8th head tube. Wish we could say they were designed by Jock Ewing from Dallas but that just isn't the case. They would be tough enough for him though, and way too tough for Cliff Barnes. All right, showing our age with the Dallas television show references but the older people will know what we're on about. They have 14mm axles and can run normal pegs if you desire. If you use a 3/8 axle up front then just get a set of the reducing spacers. Too easy.

Available in Marina Blue, Admiral Green and Clean White. Have a look at the Prospero frame for the actual colours.

Specifications include:
  • all tubes 100% US made, heat treated, aircraft grade, seamless 4130 chromoly
  • weight 1.31kg or 2lb 14oz
  • dropouts 5mm laser cut 4130 chomoly for 14mm axles
  • 1 1/8th head tube compatible
  • Optional 990 brake mounts

Product code - AB00021 - Marina Blue
Product code - AB00022 - Admiral Green
Product code - AB00023 - Clean White