No shipping at the moment

I've been on the road for a while now and am now unable to ship any items until I return home. If you are desparate to get something them still contact me as I might be able to arrange something, you will just have to be patience though. Sometimes life needs to get in the way of work and that is the case at the moment... Read the full post

Southforks with front brakes photos
Southforks with 990 brake mounts

Sorry it has taken so long to get the product photo up for the Southforks with 990 mounts. These are available now in all colours so check them out on the Southforks page... Read the full post

Aging Freestyle Association
Aging Freestyle Association

One of my good mates I met through the old school BMX scene added a t-shirt to one of the packages of parts I bought from him. OS BOB-O is a class act and has hooked me up with some great old school Haro and GT parts. The t-shirt was a 2XL which was way too big for me, however, it meant a lot to be able to wear it so I had it adjusted. You could say it's a custom t-shirt. What's difficult to make out in this self portrait is that it uses the old American Freestyle Association logo and instead of the name underneath the logo it has Aging Freestyle Association... Read the full post

Forks with 990 brake mounts

Just a quick post to let you know that forks with 990 mounts (u-brakes) will be available soon. They are at the powdercoaters at the moment so photos will be posted soon.

The regular forks will still be available and we've done this based on the number of enquiries about running front brakes... Read the full post

Prospero / Southforks - Production frames and forks are here

After months of development, testing and finally waiting, the Prospero 24" freestyle frame and Southforks are available. You can check them out in the Products area of the site... Read the full post

What to do with spare dropouts?

Any ideas as to what we can do with these? They were the first batch we had made and the slot angle didn't quite work. Thought about keyrings but probably wouldn't get through airport security and if you bailed with one in your pocket then it might rupture a spleen... Read the full post

First ride of the prototype

Just returned from a couple of weeks in Hawaii in late May and when I arrived home the box with the first frame and forks was waiting for me. I put it together and the first decent ride coincided with Robert being down from Brisbane for the week. Robert does the powdercoating for Ambiente Bikes plus my old school builds. From the photos it's difficult to believe this was a winter's day in Melbourne so in addition to having a chance to ride it for the first time it was a way for me to slowly get back to the Melbourne winter weather after Hawaii... Read the full post

From the beginning

So who would have thought I received the technical drawing prize at school in year 10? Looking at the image it's safe to say it probably wasn't me, but surprise, surprise I did receive it. Maybe there wasn't much competition that year. Anyway, that's the beginnings of the frame and forks and represents the first drawing I sent to the frame builder. Not much changed other than the rear gusset was removed, the front gusset was moved back and once everything was drawn to scale, there was less of a bend in the top tubes through to the seat stays... Read the full post