Aging Freestyle Association

Aging Freestyle Association

One of my good mates I met through the old school BMX scene added a t-shirt to one of the packages of parts I bought from him. OS BOB-O is a class act and has hooked me up with some great old school Haro and GT stuff. The t-shirt was a 2XL which was way too big for me, however, it meant a lot to be able to wear it so I had it adjusted. You could say it's a custom t-shirt. What's difficult to make out in this self portrait is that it uses the old American Freestyle Association logo and instead of the name underneath the logo it has Aging Freestyle Association. Here's a better shot of it.

Aging Freestyle Association t-shirt close up

The really cool part is instead of the trademark symbol there is a small wheelchair. If you have ever wondered how freestyle comps started then do a quick search for the AFA and Bob Morales and you can check the history for yourself.

another photo for the dumb faces file

The above photo was an attempt to use the self timer on the camera and take a photo throwing a quick 180 over the table top. Pretty much everything worked out wrong as I had already landed, I didn't pull the 180 cleanly and once again I was pulling a dumb face.

Posted by James