From the beginning

first	frame	and	forks	drawing

So who would have thought I received the technical drawing prize at school in year 10? Looking at the image it's safe to say it probably wasn't me, but surprise, surprise I did receive it. Maybe there wasn't much competition that year. Anyway, that's the beginnings of the frame and forks and represents the first drawing I sent to the frame builder. Not much changed other than the rear gusset was removed, the front gusset was moved back and once everything was drawn to scale, there was less of a bend in the top tubes through to the seat stays. Oh yeah, it wasn't originally going to be brakeless either, I just didn't bother to draw the 990 mounts.

The forks probably changed the most as it wasn't practical to do the dropouts the way I had hoped and II ended up going with a slightly different design. And before you all say it, no I hadn't seen the dropouts from the late 80s GT Performer forks. Just a coincidence.

Posted by James