Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your frames and forks made?

All our frames and forks are designed and hand-made in Australia from 100% US made, heat treated, aircraft grade, seamless 4130 chromoly.

Do you make different length frames?

No, sorry we only make the one size frame at the moment which is a 21.5" top tube. We've found this gives plenty of room for the taller rider whilst still catering to the average height rider.

Can you make custom frames?

Maybe, however it will cost you. We might be able to accommodate smaller items such as brake mounts on the forks. v-brake rather than u-brake mounts etc. As for major changes it is unlikely. Shoot us a question here to find out.

Why are your frames and forks so expensive?

Yes this is a tough one to answer. We'd like to offer them for less and hopefully get more people riding them however we have to cover our costs. These are hand-made rather than being sourced out of a factory, made by robots and looking much the same as half a dozen other frames on the market. Combined with small volumes, we just can't compete in the same markets as the big guys. We've purposely gone for a niche market who know their bikes and appreciate something a bit different. We won't be retiring from the profits...

What size seat post does the Propsero take?

The Prospero takes a 25.4mm seat post. This means most of the freestyle seat posts are compatible.

Do the serial numbers on the Prospero mean anything?

Yes they do. First two characters are for the model (eg AP for Ambiente Prospero), the next character represents the year and the last three characters are a unique identifier for each frame.

I can't fit the cable through the front cable guide?

Take the metal end (ferrule) off the cable and it should pass through easily. We purposely made these small so as to not stick out much and ensure a tight fit.

What do I use in the rear cable guide?

A normal BMX freestyle barrel adjuster will fit. Just be careful when screwing them in so as to not damage the thread. This kind of damage is not covered in the warranty.

What kind of removable gyro tabs are compatible?

There's basically two types at the time of writing. The Fly Guiri tabs and the others. Simply put, our frames are compatible with the others. If in doubt then you can get the correct tabs from us.

Over 2.85kgs for the Prospero frame seems kind of heavy doesn't it?

Depends what you compare it to. Sure put it up against a race cruiser and you will notice the difference. The problem is there aren't a lot of high-end freestyle frames to give a good comparision. We've saved weight where possible, such as larger cutout holes, however we didn't want to compromise too much structural integrity. Besides, it pays to consider the combined weight of the bike and rider so perhaps it's time to look in the mirror! Leave the bling behind and save a bit of weight that way.

How do you apply the stickers?

Just peel off the backing paper making sure all the sticker remains on the application tape. Look out for the middle parts of letters such as the A and B and use a small blade to hold it against the application tape. Once all the backing is removed simply line up where you want the sticker, and press firmly against the surface. It takes 24 hours to achieve full adhesion so if the placement is wrong or wrinkled you might be able to carefully remove and realign.

How do I know where to put the stickers in the right place?

For the forks, looking at the left leg, the gap between the third and fourth letter should line up with the top of the dropout. The head tube should be just above the narrowest part of the head tube and not centered vertically. This is to ensure it doesn't get caught up in the gryo etc. The down tube sticker should start (looking at the left side of the frame as you sit on it) just after the gusset. The seat tube sticker should be about 2.5cm above the bottom bracket and finally the top tube sticker should start at the rear gusset/cable guide once again looking at the left side of the frame.